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About Us - Overview

About Us - Overview

Artificial Perception Technologies, Inc. is a New York C corporation formed in 2007. We are located in the Hudson Valley, around forty five minutes north of Grand Central Station, and are focused on three major areas that at first glance might seem unrelated, but that in fact are complementary.

We conduct basic machine perception research, for example pertaining to artificial vision, and the conferences and trade shows we attend, not only help us to exchange ideas with other researchers, they give us a way to identify consulting opportunities for you.

We also create commercial software for transforming professional development into entertainment.

We know you are busy, that you work a lot, and that at the end of the day, you have little time and energy to experiment with the latest software development standards. They are constantly changing, and that makes it hard to maintain the kind of job security and peace of mind, that you can have only if you are at all times prepared to dazzle technical interviewers.

We don't want you to have to give up sleep or exercise in order to develop and maintain that kind of expertise.

Our latest commercial product, called LiquidSpeech, (described by the attached FAQ document, Apple iTunes web page, and YouTube videos ) is focused specifically on providing you with the means to inadvertently absorb a vast amount of technical subject matter, at your leisure, for fun, in audio form, while doing other things, using only a hand held portable electronic device, regardless of whether or not you have good network reception.

This means that after a long day at the office, instead of having to sit in front of your laptop, to learn about the latest similarities and differences, for example between Java, C++ 11, Python, Objective C, Swift and C#, you can go for a walk, and listen to people conversing with each other about those topics, using a casual style that is both entertaining and easy to understand.

It is surprising how a little time spent each day, just listening to pleasant conversations, can build up vast stable knowledge over time. If you do not belive this just look at how easy it is for you to understand and use your native language, for example English, how little effort you expended to learn it, how unlikely you are to forget it, and how long it would take you to become equally comfortable with a language you do not currently speak.

We are committed to incrementally growing a library of technical subject matter in LiquidSpeech form, and will be posting it to this web site during the coming months. If you are also interested in creating such content, we encourage you to do so, and to post it to your own web site. Eventually we might also establish a LiquidSpeech forum that allows anonymous posting.

Our organization also acts as a talent agency for software developers.

Our agents can provide you with practical insight into what subject matter is most worthy of your attention, if you would like to work in specific consulting environments.

Why should you, as a software developer, not have someone looking out for your interests, the same way that writers, musicians and actors do.

We can provide you with access to exceptionally talented business and software engineering professionals with verifiable track records for creating some of the most innovative and successful products in use today. These people will be happy to act as your agents, and to help you unleash the ingenuity that allows you to create robust, safe, cost effective software, that is devoid of unnecessary complexity, and that is flexible enough to meet your clients’ future needs.